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Lazarus cornered by two Revenants D:

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Revenant in the Containment Unit.

Revenant animated

Revenants, alongside Blue Spooks, are the most common enemies in Ghosthunter.


Revenants are lumbering, hulking monsters that appear to be rotting flesh with an exposed skeleton and a fierce, skull-like head. They appear to be semi-corporal in nature, being one of the few ghost types that can physically hurt Lazarus, though they tend to fluctuate between a physical state and a ghostly one, becoming a form of static at times during attacking.

They seem to be either a spirit or a combination of spirits that have fused and pushed through to the realm of the living, becoming a vengeful creature filled with anger.


Revenants tend to act a lot like brutes, occasionally patrolling an area. Through they can sometimes ambush the player by turning into their spirit form and appearing behind Lazarus to attack him off guard.

Though they mainly attack by flailing they clawed hands and using brute strength, they something lose their corporal form to either retreat or to dodge oncoming attacks from the player, making them somewhat of a challenge to fight and capture. They tend to utilise this strategy more and more as the game progresses, showing how they seem to be 'learning'.

Their melee attacks can deal a lot of damage, however, and can prove very difficult if they manage to corner the player. The best strategy to deal with them is to keep on the move and hit them with the Capture Grenade first to stop them from appearing behind you when you battle them.


-The term 'revenant' is a common term to describe a spirit coming back to the world of the living, as the word itself is taken from the latin word reveniens', meaning returning'. - The appearances vary when on Devil's Scar Island, as they seem to wear shredded inmate uniforms, showing that these spirits were the former prisoners of Devil's Scar.